All Puppies Have Found Their Furever Families!!!

Mimi Winter 23' Litter Born November 23rd.

New Year Puppies

3 Girls and 2 Boys. Eager for love and attention. Healthy, happy, and full of bubbles and kisses.


Buttons (Girl)

Because she's cute as a button. Full of spirit and joy, Buttons' is a precious little girl ready to leap into your arms to give you love and kisses.


Sparkles (Girl)

This little cutie is full of happiness and bubbly as can be. She's a go getter and loves to run up to you and stand on your shoes. That's her thing and we adore her.


Buckaroo (Boy)

We call him Buck for short. Buck is a fluffy sweat boy. He's super friendly, gentle, and cuddly. He loves to be held and petted. Buck is going to be a very loyal boy. He listens well and will be an easy going dog.


Babs (Girl)

Babs has an enduring soul. She embodies tenderness, soft natured, while still bubbly and uplifting. Babs is the full package Shimoo. Crazy cute and so lovable.


Tubbs (Boy)

Tubbs has a heart of gold. He looks and acts like a teddy bear. He's a bit of a goofball, loves playing with his toys, and rough housing with the grown ups. Tubbs is just fun to be around.

Momo Winter 23' Litter Born November 1st.

All Pups Found Their Furever Families! Yay!

Perfect Christmas Timing!

2 Girls and 4 Boys. Healthy, happy, and eager for love and affection.


Rambo (Boy)

Rambo is my daughters favorite. We don't know why she named him Rambo but it's adorable. Rambo is cute as a button. Loves playing chase and snuggling. He's a really happy boy.


Presley (Girl)

We named her Presley because this sweetheart is so precious and she loves to press against you, especially pressing up against your neck and tickling your ears. Presley has a heart of gold!


Otto (Boy)

Otto is a charmer. He's cool, calm, and collected. He has a deep black coat with wavy flowing hair. He has a small patch of white on his chest and tiny white tips on his hind legs. Otto is super handsome and he knows it.


Bailey (Girl)

Bailey is our other sweet baby girl. She's so gentle, sweet, and just loving. Bailey loves attention and she knows how to get it. 🙂 She loves cozy snuggles and napping in your arms. She's an absolute darling!


Ted (Boy)

Ted is very handsome and charismatic. He's also very photogenic. He's fluffy, goofy, a little chubby, and has great big lovable heart. He's just a great dog. Ted is just like his name, like a teddy bear.


Brody (Boy)

Brody is a kisser. He loves giving kisses. Brody is all about love. He absolutely adores being with you and he'll let you know he appreciates your company. He's a fluffy ball of love, joy, and happiness.

Mimi Spring 23' Litter Born April 3rd. Ready For Their Furever Families May 30th, 2023!!!

All found their furever families! Welcome to the Shimoo family!

Yay! Molly found her furever family!!


Meet Molly. She is one of our rare tan colored Shimoo™ puppies. She looks like a carbon copy of our logo :). Full of love and joy. She is amazingly cute as you can see. She is mostly all tan with a white patch on top of her head, white chest, and white socks on all four paws.

Molly with her new family! Adopted 7/2/23

Yay! Stu found his furever family!!


Stu is super sweet! He's the smallest of the males. He might be smaller but he ain't no wimp. His bigger brothers don't stand a chance with Stu. He's the captain of this hockey team!

Stu with his new family! Adopted 6/15/23

Yay! Thor found his furever family!!


Thor the gentle teddy bear. He's the biggest one but he's got the kindest and sweetest heart of the bunch. Thor has a small patch of black fur on the right side of his upper lip that gives him the cutest crooked smile. It's adorable!!

Thor with his new family! Adopted 6/2/23

Yay! Dolly found her furever family!!


Dolly is the runt. Tiny little girl that is full of spunk and energy. She is the smallest but she's got the most spirit and the most love to give. She has a unique patch of black on her front left leg that makes it look like she's carry a hangbag. 🙂 It's so cute and adorable!

Dolly with her new family! Adopted 6/15/23

Yay! Seb found his furever family!!


Sebastian is another rare tan-colored Shimoo™. Sebastian is calm and collected. He is a very well-mannered puppy. We call him "Seb" for short. He's definitely a kisser. He'll give you kisses all day. Seb has an aura about him. Just cool, like, James Dean cool!

Sebastian with her new family! Adopted 7/3/23

Yay! Ruby found her furever family!!


Ruby is such a sweetheart. She's a classy pooch ready for the glam life. She knows she's sophisticated and just better than everyone else. She's a cuddler sneaking into your arms any way she can. Ruby is going to be on the smaller side.

Ruby with her new mommy! Adopted 6/16/23

Recently Adopted

Welcome To The Shimoo™ Family!!

Momo's Spring 23' litter. Born March 14th, 2023.


Sir Ian (Male)

Meet Sir Ian. He's a proper English gentleman, errrr, gentledog. He is super sweet, always wagging his tail, and loves to cuddle. He hides under the couch and launches ambush puppy kiss attacks at you. He can be shy and a bit of a scaredy cat, errrr, dog. 🙂 Ian may be confused he's a gentleman or a cat, but he definitely knows he's a handsome stud ready to break all the girls hearts.

Sir Ian with his new family.


Becky (Female)

Becky is the baby sister and smallest of the litter. She absolutely melts into you when you hold her. Such a darling and cute as a button. Becky is super smart too. She will be easy to manage. We love her so much!

Becky with her new family.


Joanie (Female)

We named her Joanie after Joan of Arc because she is so brave. Joanie is the alpha of the litter. She is always the first to greet you in the morning and the first one to jump in the backyard to play. She is a snuggler. She loves taking naps with you. She'll snuggle against your neck to breath into your ears.

Joanie with her new family.


Bonnie (Female)

Bonnie thinks she is a bunny. She loves hopping around playing with her brother and sisters. As you can see, Bonnie is too adorable to describe. So adorable in fact she doesn't look real. She is a living plush puppy. She is going to melt your heart.

Bonnie with her new family. Ravonna and Lanny are getting married this summer and Bonnie was adopted to be their new baby girl.

Recently Adopted

Mimi's litter. Born August 12, 2022 Welcome to the Shimoo™ family.

Whipper (Male)

Whipper got his name because of his energetic whipping tail. When he gets excited, his tail will let you know he's ready to play.

Whipper with his new family.

Hana (Female)

Hana the precious is the only female in this litter. She gets all the attention. Hana is very gentle and sweet, but can rough house with the boys and handle herself just fine.

Hana with her new family.

Pugsy (Male)

Pugs the sleepyhead. Yup, he's the one in video that loves to nap. 🙂 He's a bundle of fun all packaged up in a tiny furball.

Pugsy with his new family.

Mugsy (Male)

Mugsy is a stud. Handsome and sophisticated. He's the most chill and easy going of the bunch. He's a charmer ready to stand by you and win hearts over.

Mugsy with his new family.

Bear (Male)

Bear is a cuddler. He's so sweet and lovable. His favorite thing is to wiggle his way into a cozy spot by you, leaning against you, and often times on top of you if he can. 🙂

Bear with his new family.

Ozzy (Male)

Ozzy is full of energy and ready for adventure. He loves running around in the yard chasing his own shadow. He loves snoozing in the sun soaking up the rays.

Ozzy with his new family. Ozzy was adopted by same family who adopted Troy. They are now best buddies. We're so happy they will have each other.

Recently Adopted

Born July 17, 2022. Welcome to the Shimoo™ family.

Mandie (Female)

Independent and easy going. Mandie loves to play with her toys off on the side away from the chaos of her siblings playing chase. She'll walk beside you step for step never leaving your side.

Mandie with her new family.

Jinny (Female)

The curious one. Jinny is very adventurous and free spirited. She loves to explore and discover new things. Always the first one to jump outside to the backyard and the last one to come back inside.

Jinny with her new family.

Moka (Female)

Moka has a unique "mocha" color coat. She is 1 of only 2 mocha colored Shimoo's we've had. Moka is the ultimate cuddler. She'll cozy up and snuggle up against your neck to snooze. She looks just like her mama when she was a puppy.

Moka with her new family.

Jackie (Female)

Jackie is the social-lite of litter. She loves company and your attention. She has a bubbly personality that captivates everyone around her. She is a star and she knows it.

Jacki with her new family.

Oriana (Female)

Oriana looks just like her pappa, which is why we named her after her father Oreo. She is overflowing with joy and happiness. She'll brighten up the room even on the rainiest of days.

Oriana with her new family.

Troy (Male)

We started to call him Troll because of his rambunctious personality who would constantly annoy his sisters to play with him. Troy is just a fluffy bundle of fun. He's a bit of a clown. lol

Troy with his new family.