Health Guarantee™ Health Guarantee

We offer our new Shimoo™ owners peace of mind knowing they are getting a healthy fur baby for their family. We understand a family pet is not simply a pet but a member of the family and knowing they are getting a healthy fur baby is paramount to making a decision that is right for you.

At™, we offer a One Year health guarantee from the time of adoption. If your Shimoo™ becomes ill due to genetic disorders, or a veterinarian checkup discovers fatal genetic disorders, we offer a 100% return/refund guarantee within One Year (1 year) of adoption date. Certain restrictions apply. Please read below.

To be eligible for a refund, we require a veterinarian letter outlining the genetic health issues for your Shimoo™, and your pet must be returned to us within 24 hours of vet exam. 

Terms and Conditions for Health Issue Refund:

  • Only fatal genetic disorders discovered by genetic testing by a licensed veterinarian will be eligible for health guarantee refunds.
  • Physical injuries caused by accidents are not eligible for our health guarantee.
  • Health issues caused by the environment are not eligible for our health guarantee, such as, infections, viruses, or allergies.
  • Health issues resulting from improper care are not eligible, such as lack of vaccinations and improper medical care.
  • Veterinary costs are not covered under our health guarantee. 

To claim health guarantee, please email us at along with your veterinarian letter outlining the genetic health issues.

Agreement of Shimoo™ Purchase:

We love and cherish every one of our Shimoo™ puppies and want to ensure they will be going to responsible and caring families. By purchasing your puppy, you agree to take full responsibility for proper care and well being of your Shimoo™ puppy. This includes quality healthcare practices such as vaccinations and regular health check ups. You agree to provide a safe and secure living environment, provide proper diet, playtime/exercise, and most of all, love and affection as a full fledged member of your family.