The Shimoo™ Story

Founded by Kate and Augy Park in 2021,™ serves as the official Shimoo™ dog club and registry. Shimoo™ is a registered trademark. We keep records of every Shimoo™ puppy to protect the Shimoo™ bloodline, but more importantly, to protect and avert abusive breeding by unethical breeders.

Shimoo™ Origins

The Shimoo™ Story

When we were searching for our new fur baby to add to our growing young family in 2015, we wanted a small hypoallergenic dog that was both comfortable indoors cuddling and snoozing on your lap, but also athletic and robust enough to take with us along our family outdoor adventures. We specifically wanted a mixed breed knowing they are generally healthier and less prone to genetic disorders.

After an extensive search, we found our Oreo, a Shitzu, Maltese, and Poodle cross breed from a family in southern California. Oreo is actually an "oops" baby when the sellers Shitzu "accidentally" bred with their friends Maltese/Poodle mix.

The stars must of aligned perfectly for that oops moment to create a very special new cross breed and we were lucky to find our super special boy Oreo.

As soon as we met Oreo, we knew he was special. He had the perfect balance of all the best features and qualities from each of the Shitzu, Maltese and Poodle genetics.

He had that super cute Shitzu face but not too scrunchie like pure Shitzu's. He had a slightly longer snout from his Maltese/Poodle DNA that gave him a devilishly handsome face. He had longer limbs with a leaner athletic build that gave him agility. Oreo glides across like a gazelle. A beautiful soft non-shedding coat with flowing wavy fur. He was sweet, playful, and had just the right amount of sassy in him. He was perfect.

We knew he was special and wanted to find a mate for him, but it was not easy. Finding the perfect match for Oreo took 6 years.

In early 2021, after nearly giving up, we finally found the perfect match for Oreo from a family in Northern California. Not 1, but 2 beautiful girls (sisters) with the same cross breed lines who were stunningly gorgeous. We drove 30 hours non-stop to bring the girls back home to Washington. This is how the Shimoo™ legacy began.

Meet Oreo, Mimi & Momo

The Shimoo™ Parents

Meet Oreo, the sire, and our dams Mimi and Momo.

Oreo, the Shimoo sire

Oreo weighs 12 lbs.

Oreo is all black with white socks on all four paws, a white donut around his nose and white underbelly. He is gentle but strong. Always curious and ready for the next adventure. Truly loyal never leaving your side. He is the quintessential definition of man’s best friend.

Curious Oreo
Baby Oreo 2015
First outdoor adventure with Oreo to Joshua Tree National Park.
Oreo the hunter
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Mimi, the Sweetheart

Mimi weighs 15lbs

Mimi is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She is over flowing with joy and love. She will lick your face off if you allow it. 🙂 Mimi is always happy and you can feel her positive energy whenever she’s around you. Her happiness is infectious.

Momo, the Princess

Momo is the younger sister of Mimi. Weighs 15lbs

Momo is the princess of the family and she knows it. She’ll chase away her sister Mimi and Oreo to grab all the love and attention knowing she’ll get away with it. Yes, we spoiled her! 🙂

Meet our first Shimoo puppies!

Our very first litter of Shimoo™ puppies were born January 2022. They all found their furever homes within days of listing on Craigslist. People started offering more than we asked for in bidding wars.

It was then we realized how truly special our Shimoo™ puppies were and we trademarked the Shimoo™ name to ensure we could carefully manage and legally protect our Shimoo™ breeding.

Our Shimoo™ fur babies are truly a unique exclusive breed.